First Lady Starr Grimes – carries the torch handed down from Reverend Mary Elizabeth Thunder as Matriarch/President of the Blue Star Church and as intercessor of Women’s Dance. Starr is a Sun Dancer and co-intercessor of the annual Blue Star Sundance. She walks beside her husband of 31 years, Chief Richard Grimes. Together they have raised 6 sons and are now grandparents of 7 beautiful grandchildren.  The whole family lives at the Church located in West Point, Texas, offering a safe place to connect with the Holy Spirit within, through weekly prayer services, community gatherings, and individual healing and council.  Starr manages her life & roles of the church in connection to Great Spirit with ease and grace. She is whole-heartedly committed to living, preserving and sharing a sacred way of life acknowledging the teachings, action, and voice of the Holy Spirit of the original Tree of Life.


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I was born in june 1971 in Dirkshorn, a small village at the top of North Holland. After high school I followed the in-service training to a nurse in Alkmaar. Shortly after finishing these studies I started at the Academy for natural medicins. After 2 years I quit because shamanism came my way and I could very clearly feel that this touched me deaply and would help me with my  life.  I started with therapy sessions and a basic course of Shamanisme. Afterwards the healingtraining, readingtraining and teachingtraining by Circles & Pathways in Zeist.

I met my current husband Joost with whom I now have 2 children. In 1998 we moved to Alphen a/d Rijn. There we worked, lived and learned together with co-students of Oceti Wakan (earlier Cicles & Pathways). In 2001 the biggest part of our community moved to Switzerland. Joost and I stayed for a few more years in the Netherlands as representatives of Oceti Wakan, later Wicahpi to Wakan Okolakiciye (Sacred Blue Star Society). In 2005 we too moved to Switzerland. Living, working, crying, laughing and growing together. Intense processes to learn to Be. Moonceremonies and Spiraldays for Women, Sweatlodges, and later the Sundance and Womans Dance too, are still huge enrichments in my life. At the moment I live with Joost and the children in Wahlen (close to Basel) and work as group leader in a nursing home and feel what a powerfull effect these Ceremonies have on my everyday life.


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In 1990, I was born in Neuchâtel in Switzerland. In 2008, during my studies of Costum Designer, I met for the first time through Kees Nieuwenhuyse and Angelique Warntjes the Wicahpi to Wakan Okolakiciye (Sacred Blue Star Society) and had my first Inipi. I discovered then a beautiful way of life. In 2009, I committed as a Questor for the Vision Quest in France during which I met for the first Mary Elizabeth Thunder and Starr Grimes. In 2016, I went as a supporter to the Blue Star Sundance in Texas, in the United States. And at the end of that ceremony, I pledge to the Tree. During the month of June, July and August of the same year, I went on the road with Thunder, first though the United States and then in Switzerland and France. In 2019 I went to my first Woman’s Dance ceremony in Germany.



I was born in Munich in 1960. I have an apprenticeship as a photographer and a bookbinder, and at the age of 23 I started the naturopath training with great enthusiasm and did not finish it until much later. I broke off due to my father's illness and managed the parental bookbindery. I loved this craft, but couldn't / didn't want to live in the city anymore and so I moved to the Allgäu countryside in 1992.


In 1991 I traveled to the USA to Vision Mountain and the encounter with Sun Bear gave me the impulse to immerse myself intensely in Indian spirituality. It is a strong foundation of my life. I run sweat lodges and am a sacred pipe carrier. With the ritual for sanctifying the uterus and the 13th Munay-Ki rite for healing the lap, I create a space in which women can regain their strength.

I have been working with shamanic healing methods since 1999 and have been giving this knowledge to continue. As a naturopath, seminar leader and place keeper, I live and work on the wonderful Schnaggenberg in Allgäu, where the Woman's Dance takes place.

I am married to Martin and I have a grown-up son.


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