The Woman’s Dance Fee is 500 euro for the whole week for participants and 220 euro for supporters.

The fee includes all the costs; campfee, all meals and drinks, what is needed for the ceremony, facilitation, the love offering to the Intercessor of the ceremony.

We ask you to pay an inscription fee of 150 euro via banc, your inscription is valid once you have paid this. This inscription fee is refundable until 10 July 2020.

The rest of the fee can be payed before the 14 august by banc. If you like to pay the whole fee at once before 31 March, you get a 25 euro discount.

If you have a difficulty to pay the whole amount at once it’s possible to spread it over 4 months, starting June ending September. Please notify us if this applies to you.

Banc info:


Wicahpi To Wakan Okolakiciy

IBAN CH84 0900 0000 1716 2112 2

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